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We promote active and healthy lifestyles

Australian-owned pharmaceutical and healthcare

We are Vita Life Sciences, a successful Australian owned pharmaceutical and healthcare company with established brands throughout Australia and Asia. 

Our brand portfolio includes, Herbs of Gold, VitaHealth, VitaScience and VitaLife.

We produce a wide range of premium supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and superfoods catered to all age categories and health conditions.

Our Brands

Thinking internationally,
acting locally.

With over 400 employees across Australia and Asia, we work under this philosophy. We have a team of qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, biotechnologists and pharmacists formulating products that are clean, effective and functional.
Our Purpose

“Providing accessible, trusted, premium brands so that everyone, has the opportunity, to improve their health and in turn, their happiness.”


Over 350 premium healthcare and pharmaceutical products


Over 400 employees across Australia and Asia.


Over 75+ years of experience in the health industry.

Global Approach

We are a multinational company with 6 locations across Asia and our head office based in Sydney, Australia. We have a dedicated team of qualified health professionals and business people throughout our 7 locations.

To achieve the highest quality for our brands we source ingredients and work with the best manufactures from all over the world. Whilst we always look to reduce our environmental footprint some of our herbal ingredients are better suited to certain climates, so we work with the local experts and communities to grow and harvest ingredients in a sustainable way.

Our products are well known throughout Asia and Australia and we are rapidly growing within existing markets as well as entering into new markets. The below map highlights which countries our brands are currently available in.

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