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Suat Ling Koay

General Manager, New Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, South East Asia

Koay Suat Ling, General Manager of New Product Development & Regulatory Affairs VitaHealth Malaysia, has a great understanding of the health industry with more than 18 years of experience in both Multi-Level Marketing and retail sectors.  

After completing a bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Food Science & Nutrition, she worked as a Nutritionist in a rice manufacturing and repacking company, with the passion to improve the nutritional value of processed rice. Before moving to VitaHealth Malaysia, Suat Ling had a role in research and development in improving health and wellness. She obtained her Doctor of Naturopathy in the year 2015. With her passion for bringing good health to the community, she has developed numerous innovative and successful health supplements that cater to various health conditions throughout the years. 

She believes that good health is not merely the absence of diseases, but through focusing on the body’s natural healing powers and enhancing those potentials; one can achieve wholesome enhancement of health.